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Are you interested in working for Melhuish & Saunders Ltd? Current positions available: 

Site Operative 
As a construction operative you will work on a range of developments from housing though to commercial projects. Work will involve preparing the ground for building, marking out and digging shallow holes and trenches for foundations and drains, erecting hoardings, safety signs, barriers and site huts, dismantling ladders and scaffolding, preparing building materials such as cement and plaster, transporting, stacking and removing materials, laying drains, pipes, manhole covers and inspection chambers. 
Common tasks include: 
Form working - erecting and dismantling temporary wooden or metal structures used in molding liquid concrete; 
steel fixing and bar-bending - bending and fixing bars used to reinforce concrete structures; 
concreting - layering and smoothing concrete for foundations, floors and beams; 
steel / sheet piling - moving, inserting and removing interlocking steel sheets which form 
temporary retaining walls for excavation work; 
drain laying - guiding large sections of pipe into place as they are lowered by crane; 
roadworks - concreting, laying kerbs, paving and surfacing; 
Using a variety of hand and power tools including mechanical mixer; operating plant 
equipment, particularly for the movement of loads; working closely with other tradespeople, such as bricklayers, as part of a team. 
To be a construction operative you should: 
be physically fit 
be familiar with construction or civil engineering terms, methods and materials 
have good practical ability 
be able to follow written and verbal instructions 
be comfortable working at heights 
be able to work as part of a team 
have an awareness of health and safety issues. 
Hours and Environment 
You will work a basic 40-hour week, often starting early in the morning. Overtime at weekends and evenings is required when deadlines need to be met. Seasonal work is quite common and working away from home for short and long periods may be necessary. 
Construction operatives work inside and outside in all weathers and often at heights. Protective clothing such as safety helmets, ear defenders, goggles and boots will be worn. The work is physically demanding, and involves using a range of tools and carrying heavy or awkward materials. 
There are no set entry requirements, but a good basic education is desirable, including GCSE grades in maths, English and design and technology or equivalent vocational qualifications. 
Previous experience is desirable but not essential. However, a willingness to listen, take instruction and work as part of a team is essential. 
A valid UK driver’s licence is required. 
Training will be provided on the job with day or block release at a local college or training provider leading to an NVQ / SVQ qualification. You will work towards an NVQ / SVQ in Construction and Civil Engineering Services (Construction Operations) Levels 1 and 2. 
A competitive salary is offered.