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2021 Latest Newsletter - Click Here Company Brochure - Click Here JOIN OUR MAILING LIST if you would like to be kept up-to-date with our company developments 

2021 - July - Charfield Co-op 
This week saw us start another project, this one is building a new Co-op in Charfield in Wotton-Under-Edge, this is being undertaken in conjunction with David James & Partners. 
Client: Mid Counties Co-operative 
Architect: David James & Partners 
Value: £569k 
Completion due: December 2021 
2021 - July - West Hill, Portishead 
Our project at Portishead for Alliance Homes being undertaken in conjunction with Noma Architects has reached a milestone, the roof is going on. To date, all of the images we've put online have been from above, now we are starting to see the actual building take shape inside. To see the progress of this build scroll down this page. 
2021 - July - Holway Park School 
This week we start another educational project for a local school. Somerset County Council have asked us to Design and Build a hygiene room for Holway Park School. 
Client: Somerset County Council 
School: Holway Park School 
Architect: BPB Architect Ltd 
Value: £97k 
2021 - July - Brookside Academy projects starting 
Last week saw the start of our two new projects at Brookside Academy School, we are improving the drainage system on the school site, and undertaking improvements to toilets around the school. 
School: Brookside Academy 
Client: Futures for Somerset 
Value: £108k 

2021 - July - Our Summer News Letter is here! Click on the photo to download it. 

2021 - July - Progess images from our West Hill site 

2021 - July - Here is another blast from the past, a new build commercial warehouse. 

2021 - July - Delivery of our new branded notebooks! 

2021 - June - Strode College  

Our project at Strode College is really coming along, we are even at the stage where plaster is on the walls. This project is going to create an amazing simulated learning experience for the health and science T-Level students and will be ready for them for the new term. 
Client: Strode College 
Architect: NVB Architects 
Value: £307k 

Our Lawrence Weston project completed on Friday, here are a few images of the finished product.  

2021 - June - Marpool Primary School  

It has been an exciting day at our Marpool Primary School project, the block and beam flooring is now in place, and we can get a good idea of the size of the building.  
Contract Value: £835k 
Client: Marpool Primary School 
Architect: Heighway Field Associates 
QS Surveyor: Michael Riley Associates 

2021 - June - Strode College  

We've only been at our new project up the road in Street at Strode College for a week, and look at the progress we've made already! 
We are turning these old offices into a state of the art T-levels learning facilities for Strode College nursing students. We will be altering the building to create a simulated healthcare facility, this will include a small ward of four beds with a supporting dispensary, nurses station, changing area and staff room, a new science laboratory will also be added. This is a project that will be of great benefit to local students now, and in the future. 
Client: Strode College 
Architect: NVB Architects 
QS Surveyor: CGS Consultants 
Value: £306k 
Start date: June 
Completion Date: August 

2021 - June - Marpool Primary School 

Our Marpool Primary project is really taking off, within a few weeks the site has been cleared, concrete poured and blocks are being laid! 
Contract Value: £835k 
Client: Marpool Primary School 
Architect: Heighway Field Associates 
QS Surveyor: Michael Riley Associates 

2021 - May - Lawrence Weston  

I'm well aware I only posted about this project last week, but that focused on the progress of the extension we built on the back. This photo shows the huge improvements to the front of the building. This 1950's building has been re-painted, has new doors, the whole roof has come off for repairs and to make the building as energy efficient as possible, the lawn is laid and new fencing surround the whole site. Not long now and this will be back to the client! 

2021 - May - Street Parish Rooms  

Here is a profile for one of our successfully completed projects last year for our local Street Parish Council. This really was a project for locals as the architect was our friends at Orme Architects just based over in Baltonsborough. It was great to work on such a beautiful local building and give it an upgrade to see it enjoyed by many future generations. 
Architect: Orme Architect 
Contract Value: £175k 

2021 - May - Lawrence Weston  

Paul Harris our Site Manager at our Lawrence Weston site is working hard to bring this project in early for our client. Everything is really coming together on-site now, and though this is a snapshot of the progress of the extension we've added to the building, the original building has been stripped out, altered and upgraded. It's been a big project, but in a months time it should be nearly ready to hand back to our client. 
Contract Value: £1.1 million 
Architect: Osmond Tricks 
Quantity Surveyor: Burke Hunter Adams 
Structural Engineer: TM Ventham 

2021 - May - Marpool School 

We now have a nice cleared area at Marpool Primary School, it wont be long now until we start seeing the building taking shape! 
Contract Value: £835k 
Client: Marpool Primary School 
Architect: Heighway Field Associates 
QS Surveyor: Michael Riley Associates 

2021 - May - West Hill 

We've had some more excellent photos from our West Hill site, the block of 8 apartments are really starting to take shape now. 
Client: Alliance Homes 
Architect: Noma Architects 
Quantity Surveyor: Frank Timothy Associates 
Contract Value: £1,234,493.61 
Completion Date: 17th December 2021 

2021 - May - Marpool Primary School  

Yesterday saw our official start date for Marpool Primary School in Exmouth. This project has taken a while to get off of the ground but the wonderful Headteacher has worked tiredlessly for her students to ensure this project started.  
We are constructing a single storey building for the school, which will provide a much needed, modern space for the children and staff.  
Contract Value: £835k 
QS Surveyor: Michael Riley Associates 

2021 - April - Lawrence Weston for Pioneer Medical Group  

2021 - April - Edington Surgery  

2021 - April - St George's Medical Centre  

Another dip into the past, this is a healthcare project we undertook in 2019 for Mendip Vale Medical remodelling a portion of the building to create 8 new consultancy rooms.  

2021 - April - National Catering Equipment Centre  

Here we have another throw back project, going all the way back to 2017! This was a huge project undertaken with Wotton Donoghue Architects for the National Catering Equipment Centre.  

2021 - April - Another Health and Safety Accreditation! 

2021 - April - Lawrence Weston  

Our Lawrence Weston project for Pioneer Medical Group, being done in conjunction with Osmond Tricks is coming along nicely. Windows are in and the base coat of paint is on the walls, it is looking fantastic. (Gary in the photo has now been issued a new hi-vis, he hates to waste anything!)  
It is so important to safely erect tower scaffolding, temporary scaffold towers need to be erected and dismantled by trained and competent people. Risk isn't just in falling from the scaffold, but also from setting up and dismantling. The HSE offers excellent advise on this, so there really is no reason why this shouldn't be done safely. Thank you to our Lawrence Weston site for the great photo. 

2021 - March - Manor Court Primary  

Here is another project from the archive, a replacement windows and door project for an old client Manor Court Primary School. This is the second time they had us back, we re-roofed for them only a few years ago, and we are back now pointing in a gable end! We aim to build strong and loyal relationships with our clients and Manor Court is one of our clients where we have managed to do this. 
Value: £207,132 
Completion: December 2020 

2021 - March - One from the archives 

This was a small project undertaken for the RICE Centre in Bristol. We undertook alterations to create extra offices, meeting rooms and welfare facilities. Though it was a small project for us it created some much required space for the centre.  
Client: RICE  
Architect: Mitchell Eley Gould  
Contract Value: £182,575 

2021 - March - Lawrence Weston  

Another look at the progress of our Lawrence Weston site, I do love a set of progress photos, the extension has greatly increased the size of the medical centre, and inside the refurbishment and alterations are well underway, the painters should be making a start soon!  

2021 - March - Lawrence Weston  

Lawrence Weston is coming along nicely, the roof and the solar panels are on the new extension and the plaster is going on the walls inside, we will be completed here in no time!! 
Contract Value: £1.1 million 
Architect: Osmond Tricks 
Quantity Surveyor: Burke Hunter Adams 
Structural Engineer: TM Ventham 

2021 - March - SafeContractor  

Another acccreditation! We aim to do all we can to make sure our teams, clients and the public are as safe as possible so we make sure we challenge ourselves all the time to ensure we are using safe practices to reduce risk. Below are the accreditations and services we use to aim to be better, and safer.  
ISO 9001:2015  

2021 - February - Melhuish and Saunders - Maiden Beech Academy  

It is two years since we completed this project for Maiden Beech Academy in Crewkerne. This was a big project which included the replacement of windows, doors and cladding that had to be undertaken while the school was functioning.  
This project went so well that Maiden Beech had us back last year to re-do their roof. 
This project was undertaken with Futures For Somerset and LED Architects.  

2021 - February - Melhuish and Saunders - West Hill  

Some excellent images of our West Hill site in Portishead. This project being undertaken for Alliance homes in conjunction with Noma Architects is really taking shape.  

2021 - February - Melhuish and Saunders - Lawrence Weston 

Lawrence Weston is coming along nicely, the scaffolding is down and we are starting to see the building really take shape. The new extension is up with a solar roof fitted and the original part of the building is starting to look totally different.  
Contract Value: £1.1 million 
Architect: Osmond Tricks 
Quantity Surveyor:Burke Hunter Adams 
Structural Engineer: TM Ventham 

2021 - February - Melhuish and Saunders at Avalon School 

A small project for Avalon School in Street. We created a safe fire exit for staff and students, this included works to the kitchen and storage areas, and external works to drainage and pathways. It's amazing how many tasks are created with a small project! It's great to be working with our local schools, and we appreciate them calling us when they need work done. 
Great to be working with Futures For Somerset again. 

2021 - February - Melhuish & Saunders and Constructionline 

Constructionline renewed membership 
What a terrible marketing person I am, we got this a week ago and I still haven't let you all know!  
We have successfully renewed our Constructionline membership. We test ourselves all the time to be the best in the industry we can be. 

2021 - January - COVID-19 Setting up and operating a safe construction site qualification  

All of our Site Managers (and some of us office staff) have completed the FREE online CITB Covid-19 Setting up and operating a safe construction site course.  
This is a very informative course, and it is well worth spending the few hours it takes, to inform yourself of Covid-19, and how to best protect yourself and others.  
Follow the link below for more details. 

2021 - January - Avonmouth Medical Centre  

Our project for Pioneer Medical Group in Avonmouth is now complete! This project has consisted of a full refurbishment of the Medical Practice, a new extension, and the conversion of an attic space to create new rooms. 
Architect: Osmond Tricks 
Contract Value: £555k 
Completion Date: January 

2021 - January - Witheridge Primary School 

We seem to be the contractors schools come to for their windows and doors. Witheridge Primary is now warm and dry due to replacement double glazing being fitted throughout the school by our team. 
Architect: Leaver Consultancy 
Contract Value: £170,662 
Completion Date: December 

2021 - January - Government Guidance  

Here we go again, another lockdown. The construction industry is able to continue functioning, so our sites are open. If you are considering visiting our sites, or office please call ahead to arrange a safe time to arrive 01458 831349.  
Some of us will be working from home, but like the rest of you we are prepared for this and our standard of service will be unaffected.  
Please stay safe and follow the guidance.  
And by the way, Happy New Year! 

2020 - December - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 
What a year, so much has happened. Thank you to all those we work with, our clients, contractors and suppliers, and everyone at Melhuish and Saunders.  
It's been a difficult year but we've got through it safely and are looking forward to a safe, and busy 2021.  
Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! 

2020 - December - Manor Court School  

What a fantastic project this was, the school really looked after us. We have taken out all of the old wooden windows and replaced them with new UPVC double glazed windows. It looks fantastic! 
Architect: Leaver Consultancy  
Contract Value: £207,132 
Completion Date: 22/12/2020 

2020 - December - Thank you for filling in our surveys! 

A big thank you to everyone who takes the time to fill in our monthly project surveys. This helps us to ensure we are giving the best service possible, and the data we gain from it is invaluable. The results this year have been great, so a big pat on the back for the team! 

2020 - December - Bath & West Innovation Centre  

It's nearly 3 years since we completed the refurbishment and alteration works on the Innovation Centre at The Bath & West Showground in conjunction with O2i Design. It is amazing to think The Bath & West Showground is at the forefront of the fight against Covid19. 
Architect: 02i Design  

2020 - December - West Hill 

This week has seen the start of a new project at West Hill in Portishead, our Site Manger Rick is running this site, and after the success he made of Kings Fitness & Leisure we expect amazing results!  
Rick and the team are currently demolishing the old garages and the site being cleared ready for the construction of an apartment building of 8 flats, this is going to be a long project but the finished result will be fantastic. 
Client: Alliance Homes 
Architect: Noma Architects 
Quantity Surveyor: Frank Timothy Associates 
Contract Value: £1,234,493.61 
Completion Date: 17th December 2021 

2020 - December - Christmas News Letter  

Christmas Newsletter avaliable NOW! 
"Another year draws to a close and what a year 2020 has been! Brexit, Coronavirus, supporting our amazing keyworkers, lockdowns and the high’s and the lows of it all. I know some are glad to say goodbye to 2020, a year of unprecedented times but wary of 2021 and what that may bring" 
Click on the link below to see what else Darryl had to say, and to see what we've been up to throughout the crazy year that is 2020! 

2020 - November - Kings Fitness and Leisure  

Kings Fitness & Leisure is finished and looking fantastic, Rick our site agent did a fabulous job. We've had excellent feedback throughout the project which confirms for us we're doing things right. And it was great to work with LED Architects again! 

2020 - November - ISO 9001:2015  

We had our ISO 9001:2015 certificate renewal this month, and like most things this had to be done remotely. We completed with no problems, or NCRs. Highlighting how well our quality systems are imbedded in the company! 

2020 - November - Trowbridge Medical Centre  

I'm going through recent projects, and I've come across a great one that was only completed last year. What a beautiful building Trowbridge Medical Centre become. 

2020 - November - Street Parish Rooms - Completed and Successfully handed over to Street Parish Council 

Street Parish Rooms 
Another project successfully completed and some very happy local clients! 
Contract Value: £177K 
Architect: Orme Architecture 

2020 - October - Melhuish & Saunders new start at Lawrence Weston 

Paul our Site Manger from Street Parish Rooms is all packed up and ready to head off to his new site in the morning at Lawrence Weston! Another Medical Centre refurbishment and extension for Pioneer Medical Group, done in conjuction with our friends at Osmond Tricks. 
Refurbishment and Extension 
Contract Value: £1.1 million  
Architect: Osmond Tricks  
Quantity Surveyor:Burke Hunter Adams 
Structural Engineer: TM Ventham 

2020 - October - Melhuish & Saunders - Masks and Scarfs  

We have just taken delivery of the samples for the masks and scarfs for the M&S team to wear. We will look very fashionable about town, don't you think?  

2020 - October - Melhuish & Saunders & The Somerset Business Awards 

Lot's being said about the Somerset Business Awards at the moment, it's a great way for local businesses to get together and shout about all the positive things happening at the moment in the local area. If your a local business get involved! 

2020 - October - Melhuish and Saunders at Bradgate Surgery 

Today we completed a small project for Bradgate Surgery, they wanted to ensure their patients are save from Covid19 so we created a new entrance from an old window just for Covid19 patients, enabling them to continue treating others within the community safely. 

2020 - October - Melhuish and Saunders - Landmark House  

Our friends at Orme Architects posted a great photo online yesterday of their fabulous offices pre and post building yesterday and this inspired me to find the photos of our offices being built back in 2008! A great building that not only houses us, but also many other local businesses.  

October - 2020 - Melhuish and Saunders at Street Parish Rooms 

The team at Street Parish Rooms have been hard at work raking out and pointing in the walls on the building. Its a job worth doing as it is looking fantastic! What do you think?  
And its another great project with Orme Architecture! 

2020 - October - Manor Court Primary 

A couple of years ago we did the roof at Manor Court Primary, this year they've got us back for the windows! Great to be working with Futures For Somerset again. 

2020 - October - Kings Fitness and Leisure  

Look at the difference at Kings Fitness and Leisure! Each photo is roughly a month apart, and all the same room, we're nearly there Led Architects, a great team effort! 

2020 - October - Educational Construction - St Mary's 

I'm going through old projects today, checkout this amazing 6th form Dormitory we built for St Mary's in Calne back in 2014 with NVB Architects. What a great building! and it's not the only one we built for them! 

NHS Track and Trace System, QR Posters on all sites and in Head Office 

NHS Track and Trace System – 
Head office and all sites are now all issued with NHS QR posters. These are displayed at the entrance at head office and sites, and in either the office or canteen. If you are making a visit to site or our office please download the NHS Track and Trace app and scan the QR poster each time you arrive to the office or site. More details are below: 
How to upload the App and what to do when arriving to the office or on-site: 
1) Go to the app store on your phone and search for NHS COVID-19 App (There is an NHS App this is not the one you want) Download this app onto your work and/or personal phone. If you have trouble with this use the link below for assistance and advice. 
2) When arriving on sites or to the office, please scan the QR poster at the entrance of the building or site, or in the office/canteen.  
3) If you receive an alert telling you have spent time near someone who has tested positive for coronavirus, then you will have to stay at home for 14 days. 
Please use the link below for more information. 
4) If you receive an alert from the NHS phone the office to let us know. 

2020 - October - Christmas Card Competition  

It's competition time!!! 
This year is our first ever Christmas Card Competition for local children, get involved for the chance to win prizes, not just for the winning design but for the winners school as well! 
How to Enter 
Your design will need to fit on a 8.5 x 6 inch card, so measure a piece of paper to this size. 
Get your pens, paints or computer out and start drawing, clicking or painting! 
Once you’ve completed the design you can send it to us at the address below, or take a really good photo of it and email it to the office (but keep the original as we will need it if you win!) or hand it into a teacher at school. 
Make sure you include your age and yours and your School’s contact details 
Keep checking our website at the address below on the 3rd of November when the winner will be announced. 
Get your designs to us by 1st November. 

2020 - September - Ferne Animal Sanctuary  

Another great local Charity doing it's bit for the community. 
We are now proud sponsors of the wonderful Ferne Animal Sanctuary do checkout their website to see the amazing work they do for all kinds of animals, and to see how you and your business could help support a great local charity! 

2020 - September - Street Parish Rooms  

What a view! 
What an amazing view from the top of the scaffolding at Street Parish Rooms. Thanks to the site agent for sending this over! 
Street Parish Rooms 
Contract Value: £177K 
Client: Street Parish Council 
Architect: Orme Architecture 
Quantity Surveyor: Orme Architecture 
Structural Engineer: Beveridge 
New facilities underway to provide disabled access to the 1st floor with a lift installation and additional improvements planned for the library and parish rooms. 
Due to complete October 2020 

2020 - September - Street Parish Rooms 

Street Parish Rooms 
I took a drive over to Street today, what a clean and tidy site! The project is coming along nicely and its great to be working with Orme Architects again. 

2020 - September - Kings Fitness and Leisure  

Kings Fitness & Leisure Centre 
Popped over to the Kings Fitness & Leisure Centre project yesterday and it is looking fantastic.  
The spin room is completed and the first class was last night, they even have disco balls in there!! 

2020 - September - Somerset Business Awards 

The Somerset Business Awards are back!!! 
The awards opened for entries on the 1st September and closes on the 27th November. 
And just in case you forgot, we won last year!!! 

2020 - September - Bath University Gym 

What great feedback from Martyn from Bath University. This project was done in conjunction with A.P.D Architects and the end result was a fantastic building 
"We are very pleased with the gym project and it has been very well received by staff and the students. It is a fantastic success a high quality building which we are very pleased with. Thank you M&S"  
What great feedback from Martyn from Bath University. This project was done in conjunction with A.P.D Architects and the end result was a fantastic building. 

2020 - September - Completed and some very happy customers at Avalon Plastics! 

Avalon Plastics is completed and looking great. Another local growing company ready for the future! 
Contract Value: £366,199 
Client: Avalon Plastics 
Architect: Wotton Donoghue Architects 
Quantity Surveyor: QSPM Consultants 

2020 September - Avalon Plastics Project 

Avalon Plastics Project  
Covid19 might have slowed us down but this project was back on track in no time! 
Avalon Plastics Factory Extension 
Contract Value: £366,199 
Client: Avalon Plastics 
Architect: Wotton Donoghue Architects 
Quantity Surveyor: QSPM Consultants 
Structural Engineer: RVW Consulting 
Factory expansion in Glastonbury - increasing capacity of business operations! 
Extension to the front of the existing premises, drainage works, retaining wall and associated external works. 

2020 - September - Avonmouth Medical Centre 

Avonmouth Medical Centre 
Phase one of this project is done, just phase two to go. This will include reconfigurating the exsiting two story extension, and turning it into a three story building, we will also be adding a new staircase and a lift. 
Client: Pioneer Medical Group 
Architect: Osmond Tricks 
Contract Value: £555k 

2020 September - Brookside Academy WC Block 

Another great project completed early! Thanks for having us again Brookside Academy. 
Client: Futures for Somerset 
Architect: Architect: Wotton Donoghue Architects LLP 

2020 August - Ferne Animal Sanctuary 

A year since we completed this project for Ferne Animal Sanctuary, a great local charity! 
Client: Ferne Animal Sanctuary 
Architect: David Wilson Partnership 
Quantity Surveyor: David Wilson Partnership 

2020 July - New Project Start - within a stone's throw of Head Office! 

Street Parish Rooms 
Contract Value: £177K 
Architect: Orme Architecture 
Quantity Surveyor: Orme Architecture 
Structural Engineer: Beveridge  
New facilities underway to provide disabled access to the 1st floor with a lift installation and additional improvements planned for the library and parish rooms. 
Due to complete October 2020 

2020 July - Summer Newsletter Out Now - Read all About It!  Our Latest Newsletter has just been published - click on the link above to find out what how we're doing and a profile of our current and future projects.  We have continued to develop our Community Links, even in lockdown, and forging new relationships with suppliers as well as keeping in touch with our existing contacts.   If you would like to be on our mailing list for future newsletters - please send us a request using the short form provided above.  All comments/feedback welcome and feel free to share with anyone you think might be interested! 

2020 June - Celebrating Project Milestone Achieved at Avalon Plastics! Thanks to fantastic work completed by Matt Reay and team at Ground Regeneration at the Avalon Plastics factory site in Glastonbury, Melhuish & Saunders are now celebrating this project milestone - the power-floated concrete slab expertly laid and looking great! It's now full steam ahead with the next stage (completion anticipated early-mid August). Architects: Wotton Donoghue Architects; QS: QSPM Consultants. Site Manager: Mark Miles. 

2020 June - Supporting our NHS and Keyworkers! Following the discovery of political graffiti on site hoardings at the rear of the Avalon Plastics factory site in Glastonbury where Melhuish & Saunders are building a steel framed extension, Melhuish & Saunders responded with a positive NHS statement of their own! We commissioned local firm, Em Print & Signs to produce these large scale weatherproof banners which are going up on all live construction sites in Somerset and Bristol areas including Kings Fitness and Leisure, Cheddar. The banners have created a feel good boost for all contractors on site! 

New NHS Rainbow Banners at all our Construction Sites  
Site Operative Gary at King's Fitness and Leisure 

2020 June - Construction Works Progress During COVID-19 Period  Our Site Managers continue to make great progress with works on site guided by the new Standard Operating Procedures issued in response to COVID-19. The slab has now been poured at Kings Fitness Leisure Centre, Cheddar and steel frame erected for the new extension at Avalon Plastics, Glastonbury. Hot and thirsty work in the unseasonably dry month of May but can't complain! Onwards and upwards! 

2020 May - New Recruits to support Growth in Business!  Melhuish and Saunders have welcomed 4 new recruits in recent weeks to strengthen our Site Management Team with various projects currently underway and anticipated.  We are approaching the busiest time of year with reference to school improvement works, following funding bids submitted last Autumn.  Education is one of our key sectors historically and we have a great porfolio of projects completed in the South West.  Great to have Neil, Mark, Rick and Bobby join our team, all bringing a variety of experience and expertise to help us successfully complete our projects on time and on budget! 

Neil Harris 
Mark Miles 
Rick Davis 
Bobby Vining 

2020 May - Improved School Building for Children of Key Workers and Staff! 

Maiden Beech Academy Roofing 
Contract Value: £133,924 
Essential roof maintenance - keeping showers at bay! 
Construction programme finishing under new  
Site Operating Procedures: Covid-19 specific  
Health & Safety guidelines 
Completed April 2020 

2020 APRIL - RE-OPENING SITES!  Melhuish & Saunders, are remobilising to get projects up and moving with skeleton crews to ensure that client projects move forward, whilst still being able to maintain the health of its workforce – taking positive action in response to a letter from the Secretary of State, Rt Hon Alok Sharma MP, encouraging the construction industry back to work in view of a growing concern about the impact of Covid-19 on the national economy.  Melhuish & Saunders, winners of 2019 Investing in Somerset Award, naturally wants to make a difference to the local economy. Sensitive to the plight of others who are unable to work at this time and all those affected by movement restrictions, the company nevertheless feels that it is right to do what it can to keep current projects progressing which will benefit schools, a health centre, a leisure facility and a local manufacturing employer.   Melhuish & Saunders are also offering free services to schools in Somerset, Bristol and BANES to help address immediate requirements for improving health and welfare facilities.  Needless to say – Health and Safety is top of the agenda for all concerned and the Construction Leadership Council have issued Site Operating Procedures – Protecting Your Workforce as guidance to ensure that everyone on construction sites will be protected as much as possible to prevent the spread of the aggressive Covid-19 virus.  Managing Director, Darryl Mitchard, has kept his staff updated with company developments following the move from Head Office to remote working from home and the initial closure of all construction sites, ‘We are all having to adapt...this will change the way we live, work, socialise and interact with people in the future...The only way through this is to work together as a team, help each other and treat each other with respect, be patient and not ask anyone to do anything you wouldn’t do yourself.’   If anyone requires construction services in any of the following sectors: Commercial/Industrial; Education; Healthcare; Community & Leisure and Residential - please contact Business Development Manager, Sue Rushforth, via email  

Challenging times for all and the construction industry was split in their response to the COVID-19 crisis. 
But on Tuesday 24th March, Managing Director, Darryl Mitchard did not hesitate to close sites to protect clients, staff and members of the public, following the government's instruction to 'stay at home'. 
So...our sites may be closed but business continues - our estimating team are busy working on tenders with subcontractors and suppliers and we remain positive about the future. 
Office based staff are working remotely - which has its advantages and its distractions! Children need looking after and fresh coffee needs to be brewed! 
We wish everyone well - stay safe! 
TUESDAY 24th MARCH - STOP PRESS! Response to COVID-19 
Further to the government announcement last night and the seriousness of the COVID-19 Virus and its ability to spread rapidly between person to person, we have reviewed our policy and, for the safety of all our staff, contractors and clients, we have decided to close all our construction sites as of 5pm this evening for a duration of 3 weeks. We hope that normal services can then be resumed. 
Contact details for all sites will be issued to all Project teams for emergencies or any emergency works required. 
During the lockdown period - all staff who are able to work from home will be contactable during normal opening hours via their email/mobile and will be available to answer any queries, questions or to arrange any emergency works to be completed. 
We will still be able to carry on the following services: Estimating, Quantity Surveying and usual office requirements during this period. 
Thank you for your support and please stay safe. 
Darryl Mitchard 
Managing Director 

2020 March - New Project Start at Avalon Plastics - the Show Must Go On! 

Avalon Plastics Factory Extension 
Contract Value: £366,199 
Client: Avalon Plastics 
Quantity Surveyor: QSPM Consultants 
Structural Engineer: RVW Consulting 
Factory expansion in Glastonbury - increasing capacity of business operations! 
Extension to the front of the existing premises, drainage works, retaining wall and associated external works. 
Due to complete in July 2020 

2020 March - Breaking Ground at Kings Fitness and Leisure - New Project Start! 

Kings Fitness and Leisure 
Contract Value: £608,496 
Architect: LED Architects 
Structural Engineer: Sand Engineering Consultants 
M&E Engineers: King Cathery Partnership 
An exciting new extension project to this very popular fitness centre in Cheddar, Somerset!  
Due to complete in November 2020 

2020 March - Celebrating International Women's Day with the Royal Bath & West Society and SWAg Network Business Development Manager, Sue Rushforth, makes a return visit to the Rural Enterprise Centre conference venue, refurbished by Melhuish & Saunders, completed in 2018 - providing fantastic networking opportunities and the opportunity to listen to some inspirational speakers - women in business sharing their lessons learned and 5 top tips! Sally Mitchell, 1st female partner of Greenslade Taylor Hunt (featured below right); Mary Quicke of Quicke's cheesemakers (est 1540!); Sarah Milner Simonds of eat:Festivals and Lindsey Carnell 'just' a farmer! 

2020 February - New Roof for Wellesley Park Primary School! 

Client: The Castle School 
Architect: Grainge Architects 
We battled with the wind and the rain and still managed to achieve a... 
Brand New Roof and Additional Works Requested! 
Another project successfullly completed with Project Managers:  
Client feedback
"Good communication, can do attitude, professional [...]  
Mark (Site Manager) has been helpful, friendly and understanding" 

2020 February - More Jobs Won! Excellent news for Melhuish & Saunders with 2 more jobs confirmed and starting soon! 

Delighted to be working again with LED Architects on alterations and extension to Kings Fitness & Leisure in Cheddar, Somerset. Works will be completed before the end of the year in time to go live at the start of 2021.  
Contract Value: £677K  
Our happy client at Trowbridge Health Centre has commissioned additional refurbishment of 3 x clinical rooms to improve provision at this busy medical practice. Original surgery extended and refurbished by Melhuish & Saunders with GVA Architects, completed in 2017 - see here 

2020 January - Great Start to the New Year - New Projects Won and Recruiting!  Melhuish & Saunders are looking forward to a great year in 2020 with 2 new projects already won, due to start in February and other projects about to be awarded.  Darryl Mitchard recognises the hard work of the tendering team, with client budgets ever tighter and value engineering expertise critical to winning these tenders, 'I believe that this year is going to be a Great Year! We will be the Greatest Building Contractor in the South West! We will be the envy of all our competitors and our clients' number 1 choice contractor'.  'We are looking for Site Managers, Site Foreman, Multi Tradesman and Site Operatives to join the team, to run and work on new projects - anyone who is enthusiastic, hardworking, dedicated and a fully committed team player' - See Careers and please contact us' 

Avonmouth Medical Centre Extension and Refurbishment 
Contract Value: £556K 
Client: Pioneer Medical Group 
Architect: Osmond Tricks 
Avalon Plastics  
Warehouse Extension 
Contract Value: £360K 
Client: Avalon Plastics 
Architect: Wotton Donoghue 

2019 December - Thieves Steal Our Truck - Any Information Appreciated! 

Between late Friday 13th and early Saturday 14th December - the Melhuish & Saunders flat bed truck was stolen from our secure yard and was involved in a number of crimes across Somerset and Devon. 
A kind member of the public phoned the office and reported the location of the truck which was recovered on Monday 16th December. Related CCTV photos have already gone out on Facebook and if anyone needs to report a crime or has information i.e. additional CCTV footage etc please contact Taunton Police station as they are investigating the thefts and other crimes committed by the person/s responsible. 
Please note that no crimes involved any of our employees and we are truly sorry for any inconvenience caused. 
We would greatly appreciate any help you are able to give the police on these crimes. 
Thank you - Darryl Mitchard, Managing Director 

2019 December - Time to give something back to our community!  As another year draws to a close - we start to think about the festive break - spending time with family and friends and giving to others.  We are happy to promote Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce's 'Shop Local Eat Local' campaign - encouraging us all to think about supporting our local shops close to where we live and work. Our local tradespeople need our support!  The Christmas tree is going up at Melhuish & Saunders and we are partnering with our local branch of Churches Together represented by Grace Church (based here in Landmark House) in support of their charity - Glastonbury Bridging the Gap and the Glastonbury Food Bank We are opening our doors to donations of food from the businesses occupying Landmark House where our Head Office is located, inspired by the 'Reverse Advent Calendar' concept that instead of receiving a treat every day, we give an essential food item to someone else who needs a helping hand. Morrisons supermarket in Glastonbury is part of the distribution network.   For more information and to know what items to give - see the Glastonbury Food Bank website here.  All support will be much appreciated!  

2019 November - Somerset Chamber of Commerce First Thursday Club  Melhuish & Saunders attended the launch of the First Thursday Club, held at 37 Sports & Social Club, Woolavington Road, Puriton.  A great opportunity to get an update from Somerset CoC Chief Executive, Stephen Henagulph and to meet fellow professionals in the building sector including Orme architects who we last worked with on a care home project, Meadowlands.  A bonus was to drive past Woolavington Surgery - completed with GVA (now Avison Young) in 2014 - still looking fabulous!  Next Event - Thu 5th December - book here! Looking forward to more networking! 

2019 October - "And the Winner is...MELHUISH & SAUNDERS LTD!" WINNER - Somerset Business Award: Investing in Somerset 

Why we won!  
Melhuish & Saunders are a reknowned Principal Building Contractor with a fantastic legacy of new builds and refurbishment projects in Somerset including schools, healthcare centres and industrial units 
Melhuish & Saunders maintains a healthy turnover in challenging times, pro-actively identifying new business opportunities in Somerset - the location of first choice 
Melhuish & Saunders actively promotes business development and networking opportunities in the construction industry in Somerset and invests in training to ensure future success, currently supporting a Carpentry Apprenticeship 
Melhuish & Saunders is a family-owned business established in 1923 and has formed long-lasting partnerships with local subcontractors and suppliers with significant contribution to the local economy 
Melhuish and Saunders routinely invests in local business support services to ensure the business runs smoothly and to a high standard 
Melhuish & Saunders is a caring contractor and firmly believes in social responsibility, investing in the wider Community by sponsoring local organisations who support the Environment, Health and Wellbeing (see full SBA Press Release here) 

2019 October - New Roof for Brookside Academy! 

Project: Brookside School 
Keeping floods at bay! 
Re-Roofing and Re-Cladding 
Another successful project with Futures for Somerset! 
Client feedback: 
"M&S did a good job and finished in a timely manner.  
Site Manager was always extremely helpful. Communication was good" 

2019 September - Finalist in Somerset Business Awards! 

Melhuish & Saunders Ltd, Principal Building Contractor, has been announced as one of three Finalists in this year’s Investing in Somerset Award, 2019 Somerset Business Awards (organised by Somerset Chamber of Commerce). 
Managing Director, Darryl Mitchard says ‘we are delighted to hear that we’ve been shortlisted for this award which recognises our long-established connection with the local community and the commitment of our award-winning team. As a Somerset based family business, we are particularly proud of our 95 year heritage and we have great working relationships with a number of local subcontractors, suppliers and business support services who have remained loyal to us over the years and have helped us to build fantastic new spaces for residents and the commercial, education and healthcare sectors.’ 
The winners of all categories will be announced at the Grand Final on Fri 25th October, The Winter Gardens Pavilion, Weston-super-Mare. 
This is the latest in a number of awards the company has been shortlisted for and won.  
See awards listing here 

2019 September - 100% Client Satisfaction on Project Completion! 

Ferne Animal Sanctuary, Chard 
Supporting this much loved animal charity to improve its facilities! 
Reconstruction of an existing Hay Barn 
Continuing to get great feedback from our customers: 
Client feedback: "Good communication and excellent standard of work" 
Architect feedback: "Great to work with you. Trustworthy, pro-active and great communication. Thanks to you and your team. Look forward to working with you again." 
For more details see here 

2019 July-August - Latest Projects Completed by Greatest Building Contractor in the South West! 

St George's Medical Centre, Worle 
Architect: Auburn Ainsley 
Expanding a Busy Medical Practice! 
Refurbishment to provide 7 additional consulting rooms 
Completed over 4 weeks early! 
Client feedback:  
"It's been great at having them on site – seemless working whilst the surgery is still open" 
For more details see here 
RICE Centre, RUH 
Client: RICE Centre (Research Institute for The Care of Older People) 
Architect: Mitchell Eley Gould 
Specialist Research Centre - Staff Reunited! 
Conversion of roof space into offices 
Completed early! 
Architect feedback: 
"Melhuish & Saunders worked effectively and collaboratively on the project with  
an active medical operation continuing on the lower floors through good communication and a positive attitude to the challenges" 
For more details see here 
Former Shepton Mallet Motors 
Transformation of Retail Outlet - Open for Business Soon! 
Alterations of Former Shepton Mallet Motors to form retail units 
Excellent Customer Feedback! 
Client feedback: 
"Site Manager cooperated with every stipulation I put on the site and it was reassuring to know I didn't have to worry about that. Overall really pleased  
and would have no hesitation in recommending Melhuish & Saunders" 
For more details see here 

2019 June - Another Award for Passivhaus Development in Bristol! Design Awards - Bristol Civic Society 

The Passivhaus development in Henbury, Bristol, completed in January 2018 continues to be recognised as an outstanding project in terms of commissioning, design and construction and received a Bristol Civic Society 2019 Design Award with 3 blue plaques handed over to the winning team - one for each site. Competition was high and only 4 awards given so a fantastic achievement for all involved! 
Melhuish & Saunders, Principal Contractor, were appointed by Bristol City Council to realise their aim of providing sustainable social housing, designed by award-winning Emmett Russell Architects. 
The residential scheme was built on 3 former garage sites and created Peverell Drive, Challender Court and Suffolk Close: 20 units in total, a mix of apartments and bungalows. 
The Awards ceremony took place on 11th June attended by Managing Director, Darryl Mitchard; Architect, Tom Russell and Bristol City Council 's Senior Development Manager for Housing Delivery Service, Martyn Pursey. 
See Project Profile and Bristol Civic Society Design Awards update for more information. 

 2019 May - Finalist shortlisted for the West of England LABC Building Excellence Awards 2019! Best New Social or Affordable New Housing Development   Blandford Road, Coombe Bissett  This project was commissioned by Wiltshire Council to provide much needed affordable housing in Coombe Bissett and key requirements of the design and build quality were energy efficiency and cost effective running costs. The development site was a former council depot in Coombe Bissett which was used to stockpile road planings and within the footprint of a former chalk extraction pit. The scheme comprises a terrace of 2no. two bedroom houses and 2 no. one bedroom flats . The dwellings are constructed with a structural timber frame and masonry cladding, including brickwork and rendered blockwork elevations. All heating is provided using air source heat pumps.  Melhuish & Saunders worked in partnership with DarntonB3 Architecture, QS Dickson-Powell Partnership and Bristol based Structural Engineers WSP The winners will be announced on 12th July at the Awards ceremony in Bristol. 

2019 April - Successful Completion - Window Refurbishment at Maiden Beech Academy, Crewkerne  Very happy clients at Maiden Beech Academy following succesful project completion - on time and on budget - thanks to great site management by Melhuish & Saunders Site Manager, Nick Cowie!  The project is the result of a successful Condition Improvement Fund bid managed by Futures for Somerset Ltd (The Somerset Local Education Partnership), Working with LED Architects Ltd, and MPS Windows. 

2019 March - Celebrating International Women's Day at the Rural Enterprise Centre  Great to see the Royal Bath & West Society's new conference and training venue - the Rural Enterprise Centre - completed by Melhuish & Saunders in Jan 2018, hosting this year's Celebration of International Women's Day.   Welcome & Introductions by Annie Maw: HM Lord-Lieutenant of Somerset, President-elect, Royal Bath & West of England Society.  Speakers with inspiring profiles of business enterprise: Debbie Howarth: Commercial Enterprise Manager, Royal Bath & West of England Society Catherine Look: Managing Director, Oaktree Parks Ltd and Trustee, Royal Bath & West of England Society Lisa Cadd: Founder, Fuss Free Foodie Jen Hunter: Events Manager, Fernhill Farm & Founder, Fernhill Fibre 

2019 February - Project Completion! University of Bath - Sports Training Village  Melhuish & Saunders have constructed a new gym extension for Team Bath at the prestigious University of Bath Sports STV (Sports Training Village), designed by ADP Architects, doubling the size of the previous gym facilities to provide an extensive sports training facility in compliance with Sport England requirements. The works comprised a new steel framed major extension to the existing STV over two floors on foundations of mass fill concrete. A new heating, ventilation and cooling system, designed by Hoare Lee has been installed. For further details - see Project Profile. 

2018 November - Recent Project Completions!  More happy customers!  

Holyrood Academy, Chard - In the client's words on Twitter 'Here it is - our fantastic refurbished sports hall. Thank you to Tony and the chaps from @mandsltd and @DynamikFlooring for all their hard work on this and the changing rooms refurb. Staff at Holyrood looking forward to trying it out at their football game tonight.' The project was overseen by the Corporate Building Consultancy
Marksbury Road Surgery - completed for The Wedmore Practice and now open to patients in Bristol - it houses 12 consulting rooms, nurses treatment rooms, waiting room, meeting room, offices, welfare facilities and an adjacent Pharmacy. The building was constructed from cross-laminated timber, clad in facing bricks; the roof fitted with PV & solar thermal panels. The project was designed by GVA Bristol. 

2018 October - AJ Architecture Awards 2018  AJ Architecture Award Finalists have been announced in the House and Housing Category. Emmett Russell Architects have been shortlisted for Challender Court, the Bristol City Council social housing project built by Melhuish & Saunders! Congratulations to all those involved! The winners are to be announced at an exclusive Gala Dinner at The Roundhouse in London on 4th December. This was a new challenge for Melhuish & Saunders, requiring specialist training, building to Passivhaus standards. Suffolk Close, associated project in the same scheme, won a LABC award earlier this year - the winning team pictured below! 

 2018 August - Inside Housing Development Awards - SHORTLISTED FOR BEST RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT!  The Inside Housing Development Awards are an opportunity for landlords, developers and architects to enter their best developments and teams to be recognised in the UK. On the shortlist are the housing developments Melhuish and Saunders built for Bristol City Council on 3 sites: grouped together as Henbury Phase 2b (Challender Court, Peverell Court and Suffolk Close) designed by award-winning Emmett Russell Architects in the category Best Residential Development (under 70 homes) The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony, taking place on 29 November 2018 at The Brewery, London. After the ceremony, Inside Housing magazine will highlight each of the successful teams and individuals, and explain why they won in a special winner’s issue.   

2018 July - LABC West of England Building Excellence Awards - ANOTHER WINNING PROJECT! 

Friday 13th July turned out to be lucky for some! Melhuish and Saunders were invited to attend the 2018 LABC West of England Building Excellence Awards at the Bristol Marriott Hotel at the invitation of Bristol City Council and Emmett Russell Architects. We were all there to celebrate the achievement of the Suffolk Close social housing project built by Melhuish and Saunders which won: 2018 Best Social or New Housing Development!! The event was very well attended with other brilliant examples of construction excellence! 


On Friday 22nd June Melhuish and Saunders joined various other representatives from the construction industry for a day of programmed speakers, networking and sharing of best practice at Ashton Gate, Bristol. This was a great opportunity to meet sub-contractors and suppliers and to hear more about the aims of Constructing Excellence who staged the event for industry professionals. The main theme of this year's SW Construction Summit was Leadership. For more information about this event click here 
In the evening Constructing Excellence South West hosted the 2018 South West Built Environment Awards. Darryl Mitchard, Managing Director, represented Melhuish and Saunders as sponsors of the Achiever of the Year Award which he handed over to Mike Smith of construction consultancy Bailey Partnership which he joined in 2018 as Associate, Architect and BIM Manager. To see all Award Winners click here. Sports Presenter, Suzi Perry kept guests entertained with her anecdotes from the world of Formula 1! 


This year's Royal Bath & West Show enjoyed fair weather and people from far and wide joined in the celebration of agriculture, food and drink, entertained by events and music staged at this fantastic annual event! 
Melhuish and Saunders completed the refurbishment of the Rural Enterprise Centre on the Showground site, which opened at the start of this year. 
Thursday 31st May - Mendip Business Awards c/o Mendip District Council 
Melhuish and Saunders were delighted to sponsor and present this year's Family Business of the Year Award to local print company Walton Press!  
Congratulations to Martin and Sandy Smith! Melhuish & Saunders and Walton Press are both supported by web designers its'eeze Web Design Taunton 
Melhuish and Saunders are proud to be associated with 2 out of the 13 projects shortlisted for the 2018 RIBA South West Awards!  
We are privileged to be working with architects at the top of their game, designing high quality buildings such as these. We ensure that the quality of our construction services is of an equally high standard to match our clients' high expectations. 
Congratulations to Emmett Russell - winning the RIBA South West and Sustainability Awards for Challender Court and Finalist Mitchell Eley Gould. 
All 2018 RIBA Award Winners can be viewed here 
Challender Court (Image: Craig Auckland) 
Architects: Emmett Russell 
Cotswold Dogs & Cats Home (Image: Peter Cook) 
Architects: Mitchell Eley Gould 
On Thursday January 26th Melhuish and Saunders Ltd Managing Director was among the guests at the opening of the new Rural Enterprise Centre at the Bath and West Showground. 
Melhuish and Saunders Ltd was brought on by the Royal Bath and West of England Society to refurbish their unused and redundant former offices to create a new innovation centre on the site. 
Melhuish and Saunders Ltd Chairman of the Board, and retired Managing Director, John Mitchard, has made the most of his spare time, and experience of being out in all weathers, to raise the trophy at the delayed Mendip Golf Club Christmas Competition. 
In a close run match John won with 38 points, a point ahead of the five players tied in joint second. 
The full story can be read here, or in January 18th 2018's edition of the Cheddar Valley Gazette. 
Melhuish and Saunders Ltd is thrilled to announce that it is sponsoring the Family Business Award at this year's Mendip Business Awards. 
As a family business ourselves this award is very important to us, and we wish all the entrants the very best of luck. 
You can find out all the up-to-date information about the awards, as well as when and how to enter here. 
Mellies Beanies is running for its third year. Post your most imaginative pictures featuring a Mellies Beanie on social media, and tag them with #melliesbeanies, to be in with a chance of winning £200 for your favourite charity, as well as a hamper of goodies for yourself. 
Contact us for your free Mellies Beanie to make sure you don't miss out.  
Further details can be found here 
Work has begun on our exciting new project with ADP Architects and the University of Bath to create a new gym extension at its Sports Training Village. 
Valued at a little over £2million the project is set to be completed in August 2018, providing an additional boost to the already world class facilities at the University. 
As part of the works the exterior access to the facilities will be enhanced, allowing for a greater flow of people to use the gym. 
We're delighted to announce the launch of our new website. Take a minute to browse the site and see the range of services we can offer. 
You can find out more about the company's history, our projects and all our latest news, so make sure you bookmark the page and check in often to see any updates. 
Leave us your feedback on what you think and we'll send you a free Mellies Beanies to keep you warm this winter, for a limited time only. 
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